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PEERtrainer OnTrack


    What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

    When you sign up, you will get instant access to your On Track Dashboard. On your dashboard and in the program, you will have access to:

  • A New Module EVERY week!
  • Audio and transcripts for every module
  • Tons of Bonus Material including:
    • Expert Interviews
    • The Cortisol Reset Program (a $30 value!)
    • The PEERtrainer Mini Cleanse (a $30 value!)
  • Access to the private On Track Program community
  • Fast and reliable support from the PEERtrainer Team.

  • All This Is Included For Only $95!

    There Are Twelve Modules In The On Track Program:

    Your dashboard will give you access to a new class every week!

  • Week 1 -- Mastering Motivation: Getting UNSTOPPABLE Energy!
  • Learn how to become aware of yourself in relation to food and energy and find out what works for you!
  • Week 2 -- The Real Reason You Can't Get in Control
  • Learn how to stop looking for that "next big thing" to make you happy!
  • Week 3 -- Moving On: Part I
  • Learn to focus on your good habits instead of focusing on the mistakes!
  • Week 4 -- Moving On: Part II - How to Deal with the "Little Things"
  • Learn to stop getting caught up in the shoulds, oughts, and musts of what we think others should do!
  • Week 5 -- How to Get What You Want
  • Learn why you need to make a change now to become a new person tomorrow!
  • Week 6 -- You vs. the Workout
  • Learn to mentally connect yourself with exercise to achieve better results!
  • Week 7 -- The Most Consistent Reliable Tool You Have
  • Learn to breathe deeply and relieve stress one mindful breath at a time!
  • Week 8 -- Rest and Integration Week
  • Learn why taking time to rest is absolutely essential to integrating knowledge and experience!
  • Week 9 -- How to Get to the Other Side
  • Learn to avoid permanent thinking! Remember, things weren't always this way!
  • Week 10 -- The Biggest Decision You Ever Made
  • Learn what the biggest decision you ever made was, when you made it, and how you can change it!
  • Week 11 -- The Biggest Decision You Ever Made - Part 2
  • Learn to have control over your choices and focus on your physical experience!
  • Week 12 -- You Are a Warrior
  • Learn to go after what you want and not back down!

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