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How To Finally Put An End To Emotional Eating Ebook

Over 195 pages of tools, ideas, suggestions and quick tips to
guide you to a place of control
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Sample Chapters include:

Part 1: Understanding Emotional Eating and Uncontrollable, Mindless Night Snacking

Chapter 1: A Broad Exploration Of Why We Overeat: Outlining The Context Of Our World
Chapter 2: How To Understand Your Emotional Connection to Food
Chapter 3: Are You Experiencing Real Hunger Or Emotional Hunger Fine Tuning Your Hunger Detector"
Chapter 4: How To Use Nutrition To Fight Food Cravings: (Fighting Fire With Fire)

Part 2: Breaking the Patterns - The Way Out of Emotional Eating and Uncontrollable Night Snacking

Chapter 12: How To Ride Out The Impulse
Chapter 13: Developing The Habit Of Changing Your Scenery: What To Do After You Yell "Cut!"

Part 3: How to Navigate the Toughest Situations: The Emotional Eating and Mindless Snacking Troubleshooting Guide

Chapter 43: I Am Always Hungry! What Do I Do?
Chapter 44: I Can't Stop Snacking!
Chapter 45: Vacation Eating

What This Digital Guide Will Do For You

This is a practical guide based on what we have seen work. Through, we've worked with tens of thousands of people starting at different weights and levels of progress and who are trying many different diets. These people have included top CEOs, Hollywood actors, moms, personal trainers, nurses, insurance adjusters, horse groomers, waitresses on the night shift, computer programmers, grandfathers and cafeteria worker handing the lunch trays in middle school. And just about everything in between.

We've worked with people who used to be fit athletes that got into a car accident, had years of pain and couldn't break through to the other side with their weight loss. We've worked with people who go from the day shift to the night shift with an hour in between and very few options for healthy eating or exercise.

We've found that regardless of one's background or life-obligations, there is a remarkable commonality when it comes to emotional eating and how to work through it: the necessity of learning how to handle difficult emotions and the stress of life in a healthy and positive way that doesn't involve turning to food for comfort, relief or distraction.

This book is here to help guide you to end your emotional eating habits so that you can finally have the confidence that you are in control throughout your day. It is designed to help you get to the point where emotional eating no longer has a stranglehold on you, and food stops being your nemesis. It no longer has to hold this negative control over you! It is also meant to help you develop a relationship to food the way it was meant to be: a source of enjoyment and energy and daily nourishment. It will teach you how to:

Figure out why you emotionally eat and/or snack out of control
How to revive your hope that you will change
How to handle your stress in a way that does not involve the refrigerator
Understand why you're snacking during certain times and why it feels like it is out of your control, even when you've been good all day?
How to stop using your favorite foods as your only coping mechanism for getting through life.
How to stop judging yourself for all the years you've spent overweight
Successfully change your emotional eating habits for the rest of your life

How This Digital Guide Works

We'll be going into the why? behind your emotional eating so you can understand the deeper issues that lead to the behavior, but we aren't going to stay there. We find that many people almost become addicted to the why?, as much as they were addicted to the food. While of course it's important to help you figure out personally why this happens, it's much more important to learn how to get free of it once and for all. That's what most of this digital guide will focus on.

This digital guide is divided into 3 separate parts:

Part 1 will help you understand why you emotionally eat and snack mindlessly and uncontrollably.

Part 2 is all about the tools you need to break these frustrating, limiting patterns in your life- and more importantly how to create new ones.

Part 3 will talk about the different scenarios where you find yourself out of control, and will offer specific suggestions on how you can handle them so you don't get knocked off track any more.

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