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PEERtrainer Hormone Reset Program

• 21 Day program to help you lose weight by resetting your hormonal balance.

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What Will You Learn In The Hormone Reset Program?

In the Hormone Reset Program, Dr. Sara Gottfried will guide you through the often complex interactions between three of your bodies most important hormones, and explain how fixing them will change what they're trying to tell your body! Right now, you may feel tired and cranky more often than you think is normal, or maybe your hair used to silky but now just tangles up. Perhaps you've been feeling blue or like life is too hard. These are all messages your hormones are delivering. In the Hormone Reset Program, you'll learn what other messages Cortisol, Thyroid, and Estrogen may be sending your body and what they should be signalling instead!

The Hormone Reset Program is divided into six classes over three weeks:

Class 1 and Class 2 are devoted to Cortisol:

  • Learn why cortisol is called your "stress hormone", and how it can run out of control.
  • Learn how cortisol affects your other two Charlie's Angels, thyroid and estrogen!
  • All the information you need to be informed about your own cortisol levels so you can determine if it's running high, or if you've already burned out!
  • Learn what to do if your cortisol is too high so that you can bring back to a healthy level!

Class 3 and Class 4 provide an in-depth look at your Thyroid and the hormones it produces:

  • Find out why thyroid is called "The Master of Your Metabolism"!
  • Discover how a low-functioning thyroid can make it almost impossible to lose weight.
  • Learn about the controversy in thyroid ranges and why your doctor may be using the wrong levels and misinterpreting your results!
  • Learn what you need to do if your thyroid is off to restore it to function!

Class 5 and Class 6 cover the many forms of Estrogen your body produces:

  • Why is estrogen your sexy, sultry hormone? Join and find out!
  • Learn just how wide-spread "Estrogen Dominance" is, and why it's bad!
  • Discover the proper ratios for this hormone so you can treat it!
  • Hear about the best remedies to bring your estrogen back in line so you can feel sexy at any age!

In three weeks and six classes, you will understand the balance your hormones maintain and why the "Goldilocks" position is so essential to your health, your energy, and your sexiness! In addition, under Dr. Sara Gottfried's guidance, PEERtrainer has created supplement packs for each of the hormones covered so that you may take advantage of the knowledge Dr. Sara Gottfried will share with you!

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

When you sign up, you will get instant access to your Hormone Reset Dashboard. On your dashboard and in the program, you will have access to:

  • Two classes EVERY week!
    • Week 1: Two Classes on Cortisol!
    • Week 2: Two Classes on Thyroid!
    • Week 3: Two Classes on Estrogen!
  • Materials for each of the classes, including welcome materials to help get you started.
  • Access to the private Hormone Reset Community!
  • Fast and reliable support from the PEERtrainer Team.
  • The full 5-part Motivation Boot Camp from PEERtrainer!

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